Training Workshop on Chinese Overseas Investments: Guidelines on Legal and Environmental Risk Management for Chinese Enterprises Operating and Investing Abroad

Release time:2015-10-21


University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

International Fund for China’s Environment (IFCE)

China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises


We will invite top experts/specialists from leading institutes/organizations to provide training in this program such as:

·      The MIGA

·      Leading universities/research institutes in China

·      Leading international organizations/NGOs

·      Overseas Chinese Embassies

·      Investment advising groups

·      Senior governmental officials

·      Successful business representatives


The statistic report from Ministry of Commerce of China shows that the “Going Abroad” enterprises are from all kinds of industrial/commercial sectors. The risks differ due to the diverse investments and industrial features. Overall, the main risks include legislation/regulations, tax, investment policy, market, finance, social, credit, environment, technology and management.  Political barriers, standards barriers, financing models, intellectual property and green barriers become the top difficulties that Chinese enterprises are facing. For most enterprises, political, legal, financial exchange rate, credit, environmental and social risks are the main risk now. The training under development will focus on the social, environmental, legal risk avoidance and how to take the social responsibility when the enterprises are going abroad.


Trainees will be leaders of the enterprises in China, which are investing or developing overseas projects.

Training Workshop Agenda

Day 1: Overseas Investment and Risk Management


Morning: 1. Current situation and future trend of Chinese enterprises overseas development

                    2. Opportunities and challenges in Chinese overseas investment and operation


Afternoon: 1. Risks Analysis and Avoidance in overseas investment and engineering procurement construction

2. Role of MIGA in promoting Chinese overseas investment and relevant case studies

Day 2: Environmental Risks and Labor Protection

Morning: 1. Similarities and differences between China’s and foreign labor standards and labor protection cases analysis

      2. Common issues and case studies in labor protection

Afternoon: 1.  Screening on environmental risks

                     2.  Environmental Impact Assessment in overseas project

Day 3: Avoidance of legal risks and corporate social responsibilities

Morning: 1. Legal risks in overseas investment projects

     2.Guidelines and social safeguard in PPP

Afternoon: 1. Investment in the corruptive environment

                     2. Dealing with the media and non-governmental organizations

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