Dr. Pinghe, IFCE president, visited Chongqing Environmental Protection Bureau(CEPB) [Nov.10,2009]

Release time:2014-11-22

Nov. 10 morning, Dr. He Ping International Chinese Environmental Foundation (IFCE) president and his party to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau for a friendly visit. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Zhang Zhikui met Dr. He Ping and his party on the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection cooperation forum to exchange views.

Zhang Zhikui Dr. Xiang Heping introduced in Chongqing and work carried out to strengthen the importance of environmental protection, describes the difficulties and needs of the city's cooperation in pollution abatement, air pollution control, water protection, environmental protection personnel training abroad face and China Foundation for international environmental sincerely hope can set up offices Lai Yu, Chongqing enhance communication and understanding, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Chongqing.

Dr. He Ping introduced the International Foundation for China in the field of energy saving environmental cooperation with China in projects related to the case, expressed to establish a good working relationship with the city, working together to environmental protection cause of good wishes. He said that the areas of pollution prevention and pollution prevention pilot livestock in the rural non-point source, reservoir, "blooms" and Fluctuating with governance, watershed pollution control, waste water treatment and other industries to actively seek opportunities for cooperation, and jointly promote the Chongqing Environmental Protection.

The two sides also jointly implement the "Sino-US young water experts" project, in cooperation with the United States to promote Chongqing energy conservation, environmental emergency response and risk prevention, water pollution control technology and environmental policy, environmental protection and other personnel exchanges and training in the field of in-depth exchange views.

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