Ping He attended CPPCC event (2010)

Release time:2014-11-22

Invited by the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Dr. Ping He participated activities in China to commemorate the 10th anniversary for overseas Chinese attending the CPPCC national conference.

As one of key channels for overseas Chinese to make policy suggestions/recommendations to China’s development, since 2001, CPPCC invited a total of 284 overseas Chinese representatives worldwide to attend the CPPCC national conference held in every March. These overseas representatives made important policy suggestions to Chinese government. This October, CPPCC invited 81 representatives to China to commemorate 

the 10th anniversary.

Dr. Ping He made a speech on ‘International experience on low carbon city development and suggestions to China’s city development’ at the meeting. One of CPPCC leaders commented that Dr. He is the person who 

made the most suggestions with the highest quality.

The chairman of CPPCC, Mr. Jia Qinglin met the overseas representatives. The attendees then visited Chinese Meteorological Administration, Shanghai Expo and Congming Island in Shanghai.

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