Join IFCE for a GREEN SUMMER! (2018)

Release time:2018-07-18

What is your plan for the SUMMER?

If you are interested in

①             Traveling around U.S. universities

②             Observing the daily function of international non-profit organizations

③             Joining lectures with U.S. government officials and professors

④             Improving your leadership skills

IFCE’s Green Future Leadership Summer Camp is the best place to spend your summer!


In 2015, International Fund for China’s Environment (IFCE) launched its first “Green Future Leadership Training Camp”. In the past two years, the camp had brought students around the world from different universities (Renmin University of China, Peking University, etc.) and academic fields together for leadership training. In this year’s “Green Future Leadership” summer camp, despite the activities we have done in the past two years, we are going to provide enriched activities including visits to government agencies, Think Tanks, and headquarters of international organizations. Moreover, we are inviting experts from high-rank universities and government agencies to talk with our students about their personal experience.

This summer camp aims to inspire a sense of innovation and provide young people who are interested in leading and promoting China’s green development with brand new skill training and networking opportunities.


①             People who are interested in green development and innovative technologies with a high school degree or above

②             People who are interested in building network through visiting different international organizations (The World Bank, United Nation, etc.) on the east coast over the summer

③             People who are seeking to gain professional and leadership skills and join lectures led by professors from high-rank universities or experts from government agencies


July 23rd, 2018 – August 1st, 2018

Camp Schedule

July 23rd - Saturday

Depart from Beijing, Arrive in Washington, D.C.

July 24th – Sunday


Visit to White House, Capitol Hill, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Smithsonian: Gain understanding of U.S. government agencies and the development of the United States.


IFCE Dinner Party: Meet with IFCE consultant, Chinese embassy officials, experts from Think Tanks and international organizations.

July 25th – Monday


Leadership Training Lecture #1 “NGOs and Policies in Developing Countries”

Presenter: Dr. John Bruce, IFCE’s leadership training consultant, former staff at Ford Foundation


Visit to World Bank Group: meet with experts in the fields of environment, energy and economy, etc.; learn about on-going sustainable development projects.

July 26th – Tuesday


Leadership Training Lecture #2 “How to Improve Your Leadership Skills”

Presenter: Michael Maccoby, Professor at Harvard University and Oxford University


Leadership Training Lecture #3 “How to Set Up and Develop Non-Profit Organizations”

July 27th – Wednesday


Leadership Training Lecture #4 “From Immigrant to Economist – Path to a Successful Leader”

Presenter: Samuel Mok, Former Chief Economist at U.S. Department of Labor


Visit headquarter of World Wildlife Fund (WWF): Understand the operation of environmental organization; discuss environmental protection projects, sustainable development policies, energy and animal protection.

July 28th – Thursday


Leave for New York


Visit headquarter of the United Nation: learn about organization operations and responsibilities

July 29th – Friday

Walk around Manhattan and learn about its history.

Visit to the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Central Park, and the Metropolitan Museum, etc.

July 30th – Saturday


Leave for New Haven


Visit to Yale University: Meet with Yale professors and students; learn about the university history.


Leave for Boston

July 31st – Sunday


Visit to Harvard University and M.I.T.


Travel around Boston and learn about city history

August 1st - Monday

Flight back to Beijing


The camp will travel around cities including Washington, D.C., New York, New Haven, and Boston.


1. Submit Resume to IFCE’s organization emails:

2. Get Application Approval

Once we receive your resume, it will be passed on to our project management staff for approval. A confirmation email will be sent within 3 business days if application passes the first round of review. Applicants will be reached out for any questions or concerns.

3. Skype Interview

A Skype interview will be arranged for students to be considered for scholarships (RMB 6000 – 16000).

4. Admission

An admission letter will be sent if applicant passes the interview

5. Visa

Once the applicant confirms to participate in the summer camp, IFCE will sent out an official invitation letter and provide assistance during the visa application process.


Applicants should submit their applications no later than June 29th, 2018.

Spots are limited, applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve base.

Note on your application if you’d like to be considered for scholarship.

Camp Lecturer

Samual Mok

Former Chief Economist at U.S. Department of Labor

Michael Moccoby

Honored Professor at Harvard University and Oxford University

Dr. Li Zongmin

IFCE Leadership Building Trainer, Former Consultant at the World Bank Group

Dr. He Ping

CEO at the International Fund for China’s Environment, Chinese Overseas Special Representative

Expense (RMB 36000)

Camp expense will include

-      Round trip flights from Beijing

-      Living expenses: hotels, dining, transportations

-      Lectures: translation, tickets

-      Insurance outside of China

Camp expense will NOT include:

-      Visa fee

-      Any transportation expense within China

-      Cell phone service

-      Irrelevant personal expenses

Outstanding Alumni

Zhao Jing (Nanjing University)

“The Camp has taught me how to become a successful leader and led me to deeper understanding of environment protection. Through visiting different universities and agencies, I was able to develop my future goals. I have also met a lot of other students who I will be able to learn from in the future.”

Yu Yalan (Peking University)

“I have learned new skills and broadened my mind after participating in the Camp. Over the 10 days of traveling, I have gained better understanding of the three major cities on the east coast and have learned a lot about their culture, history, economy and politics. We have also met with leaders and experts from international organizations and non-profit organizations. I have developed network and have learned about their experience which inspired me to fight for a great future.”

About IFCE

The International Fund for China’s Environment(IFCE)is an international environmental organization based in Washington DC, with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Changsha and Wuhan. Founded in 1996 by a group of scientists and professionals who concerned with China’s environmental problems, IFCE aims to ensure a healthy global environment and continuous economic development by helping China solve its environmental problems.

Since its inception, IFCE has developed a range of influential programs facilitating partnerships and building capacity in China’s environmental movement. Specifically, we work with NGO’s to improve their capacity, with companies to enhance China’s access to green technology, with policy makers to influence China’s environmental policy, and with environmental education programs to improve civic engagement in the environmental movement.

In 2002, IFCE was accredited as one of major global environmental organizations by the United Nations. IFCE has been able to play a significant role in protecting environment because of its numerous experts in the natural and social sciences. Our staff and members not only have a profound understanding of Chinese culture, they also have many professional connections within China.

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