2017 Summary of Activities - "United States new energy climate policy on international impact", held in Washington D.C.

Release time:2018-03-21

On July 28, 2017, IFCE hosted the "United States new energy climate policy on international impact" round table at George Washington University's Marvin Center. The meeting personnel included, Dr. Ping He (President of IFCE), Tad Ferris (Vice Director of IFCE), Chris Allison (Deputy Director of the State Department's Office of Global Climate Change), Dr. Robert Dixon (Director of Department of Energy Strategy), Elliot Diringer (Executive Vice President of Energy Climate Center), Arlene Fetizanan (Energy Efficiency and New Energy Policy Advisers of the Department of energy), Alan Yu(Asia Director of the Department of Energy, Dr. Ming Yang (Global Environment Facility Senior Climate Expert), Dr. Tao Hu (China Director of the World Wide Fund for Nature of the U.S), Haibing Ma (the Chinese director of the world watch), Dr. Jonathan Deason(Professor of George Washington University), and 20 other officials and experts.



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