2017 Summary of Activities - 2017 "Green China" environmental songs competition

Release time:2018-03-21

IFCE hosted the “2017 Green China Songs Contest”, and received more than 150 green songs. After the expert review, "Fresh Air and Eternal Hope" composed by Huanzhou XU and Yifu Shu and "Green Peace Song” composed by Longjiang Pan, both won the first prize. “Green China” composed by Lihua He and Yongchang Dai, and "The Source of Life" composed by Zhiwen Huang and Jianhua Zhao won the second prize. The third prize was won by, “Bring the Bottles to Travel” composed by Qian Xiao, “Green China” composed by Yongdong Ni and Wei Nie, “Green Call” composed by Fang Bao and Lin Yang, “ A green Leaf” composed by Jizheng Zhang and Liuqiang Din, and "Love in the Shade" composed by Cifa Tan and Qingquan Yi.

The award ceremony was held on January 25, 2018, on the Italian costa cruise ship. The organizing committee awarded honorary certificates and prizes to the winning artists, and nearly a thousand-people attended the party. The Environmental Protection Song Contest uses beautiful music to call attention to environmental issues. The concept of these original songs are to promote concepts of environmental protection, ecological civilization, advocate green consumption, low carbon economy and green life, ecological construction, and green development, and focus on China's pollution control. The music helps to raise awareness of environmental protection, transmit positive energy to the society, expand the influence of foundation, receive very good social effect. These events help to build a community, to get people to understand environmental problems. Music shows emotion and passion that cannot always be expressed though normal speech. 




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