IFCE will sponsor a two -day capacity building training workshops for NGOs [Nov.10-11,2010]

Release time:2017-08-31

Organizer: International Chinese Environmental Foundation (IFCE) and bridge foundations

Major training actuators: Beijing Huizeren

Time: 10-11 November 2010 (before the 2010 NGO Annual Meeting)

Location: Hangzhou

Capacity: sub-intermediate and advanced classes two shifts of 50 people


Intermediate training object and purpose: Intermediate NPO NPO training to train middle-level cadres as objects. Middle-level staff are the backbone of NPO is the implementation level of the main force. Intermediate training middle-level staff volunteer organization and leadership ability, basic training for volunteers and management capabilities; coordination and management capabilities, and management of the project team, implementation, summary assessment capability.


1. Volunteers training, management

2. Team leadership

3. Project coordination, management and implementation capacity


Advanced Course

Advanced Course training object and purpose: The object is to serve as senior class training professionals in leadership positions NPO institutions. This training focuses on NGO leaders in senior management capacity, how to finance and how to make strategic planning aspects of training to improve the continuity of the NGO itself and can be obtained through the development of space.


Fundraising and how to use resources

Strategic Planning

Sustainability Organization


Workshop (11 pm): NGO organizational development experience sharing forum

Invite five to six mature NGO organizations do share their experience and interact with the participants introduced.

1. The Organization for 5-8 minutes to introduce their organization - the main content of their own organizational development, challenges encountered, and how to deal with and so on. Share experiences and effective practices.

2. Answered the audience's questions, problems may target an organization, there may be mentioned to all participants. Moderator will point to the actual situation of the issues participants.

3. Organization Description: on their own organization's vision, mission, promotional material development prospects by heart, you can take the organization, such as leaflets and the like; can also make your own organization profile or page into a slide, will play in the field interludes.

4. Organization's needs: a focus on organizational innovation, sustainable development, personnel structure, planning and vision development and so on.


IFCE will participate in the training of personnel to provide meals and accommodation arrangements (postponed then 2010 NGO conference)

Please apply for registration to attend the training together in the declaration of the 2010 Annual Meeting of Chinese environmental NGOs for sustainable development. Please indicate whether IFCE last year to participate in NGO capacity building training organization. Such as participation, please explain what level to participate in the training (Intermediate, Advanced Edition). Intermediate classes apply for staff to prepare a project case as training examples used in training. Only one registration per organization.

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