Summary of Dr.Ping He’s Trip in US November 17 – November 23.

Release time:2014-12-08

 IFCE hosted a reception for Dr.Ping He (CIECC) on November 17. Dr.He conducted a one-hour talk on China’s Water Problems and Governmental Countermeasures using a case study of Taihu Lake.


After the talk, Dr.PingHe interacted with the guests and discussed the Taihu Lake Project and the role of CIECC in this project. He claimed that technology was never the biggest problem but water management was. CIECC plays an important role of project assessment and report to the central government.

Figure 1. IFCE Reception for Dr.Ping He (CIECC)

On November 18, Dr.PingHe conducted the lecture talk  in George Washington University (GWU) Geography Department. The audience was GWU students majored in Environmental Resource Policy (ENRP) and International Affairs.

Figure 2. Dr.He (CIECC) Giving Lecture at George Washington University 

On November 19, Dr.PingHe visited Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay (an environmental NGO) in Annapolis, Maryland and met learned about their organization, their source of funding, and how they manage the water resources in that region.

Figure 3. Dr.He (CIECC) Visiting Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

On November 20, Dr.PingHe arrived Yale School of Forestry (FES) and met with Professor Gorden Geballe, Associate Dean with Alumni and External Affairs. Dr.He introduced his company and the project he managed and asked Geballe if there was collaboration opportunities. Geballe recommended a few professors of FES who are interested in China.

                        Figure 4. Dr.He (CIECC) Visiting Yale University School of Forestry

Figure 5. Dr.He (CIECC) Giving Lecture at Columbia University

Figure 6. Dr.He (CIECC) Interviewing with EmeraldPlanet TV

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