Keynote Report : Hunan youth responsibility and international cooperation for heavy metal pollution control By Pinghe [Jun.29,2011]

Release time:2011-06-29

June 29, by the League Committee, sponsored by the provincial Environmental Protection Associations, Changsha Environmental Protection Vocational and Technical College hosted the "Hunan heavy metal pollution of international cooperation and youth responsibility governance" theme of the report will be multi-purpose hall in Changsha Environmental Protection Vocational College held by the United Nations Development Programme report on the topic of energy and environmental protection expert, Dr. He Ping, president of the International Chinese environmental Foundation speaker.

Mission Provincial Committee, Provincial Mother River Protection action leading group members Yan Hailin attended the meeting and the delegation of the provincial party committee, the provincial leading group Mother River Protection welcoming speech, attended the meeting as well as director of the League Committee Guidance Center volunteer bell Comrade Na, deputy director of the NPC Environmental and resources Protection Committee of the provincial office Shuai, Changsha environmental Protection Vocational College ADVANCING party secretary, deputy provincial minister of the Ministry of Rural Youth Work Mission Zhao Xiang, director of Hunan Provincial environmental Protection associations Jianjun, as well as from Hunan environmental groups around the backbone and Changsha environmental Protection Vocational College some teachers and students totaling more than 400 people. Report will be chaired by the vice president of Changsha Environmental Protection Vocational Deng de ai'.

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