Special Discussion- Beijing’s ‘Air-pocalypse’, How China to Deal with it? [Feb.27,2013]

Release time:2014-11-25

On Feb.27th, a special discussion on recent air pollution issues in China was held by International Fund for China’s Environment and Holland & Knight. Speakers included Cai Jianing, Counselor for Science and Technology, Embassy of China in the USA, Christopher Flavin, President Emeritus, The Worldwatch Institute, Jeremy Schreifels, Senior Environmental Specialist, Office of Atmospheric Programs, Environmental Protection Agency., Dr. Ping He of IFCE and Tad Ferris, Partner, China Environmental Team, Holland & Knight. More than 70 people from thinking tanks, research institutions and NGOs participated in the discussion. Panelists analyzed the reasons to cause the large area smog problems in northern China, introduced efforts Chinese governments are undertaking, suggested possible approaches to solve the problems in both short and long term. A complete discussion summary will be loaded on IFCE’s web. China’s Science and Tech Daily covered the discussion at

IFCE’s New Year Reception followed the discussion. Dr. Ping He summarized IFCE’s activities and achievements in last couple of years and briefed projects/activities/new programs in 2013. IFCE will continue to support Chinese environmental NGOs, promote advancement of environmental/energy technologies in China, provide policy advises and promote US and China environmental exchanges. New programs to be initiated in 2013 include Business Advisory Council, Friends of IFCE, and Expert Database. If you are interested in any of them, contact our main office in DC at 202-822-2141 or

At the reception, Dr. Ping He present two IFCE’s 2013 Outstanding Contribution Awards to Mr.Alfred Liu and Dr.Liming Cai to thank for their long-term support to IFCE’s development.

Alfred Liu serves as Advisor to IFCE and has been actively supporting IFCE's work in the health and environmental arenas for more than 10 years. This support is not limited to advice. Indeed, Mr. Liu has graciously provided IFCE with an office in Washington DC since 2001. Alfred Liu is a nationally registered architect and President of AEPA Inc. He has successfully completed architecture projects throughout the USA and abroad. One of his signature projects is the Friendship Archway in Chinatown, Washington DC. Alfred Liu said his contribution to IFCE is limited but he would like to devote more energy for the environment issue and fully support any of IFCE’s work. Also, he hoped to help enhance more people’s awareness about environmental problems in the world.

Dr. Liming Cai has enthusiastically supported IFCE and donated to IFCE's work on environment and health issues in China on a monthly basis since 2003. He pays constant attention to environmental issue and developments in China. Dr. Liming Ca was so humble for the honor of IFCE 2013 Outstanding Contribution, he said it is meaningful and worth, his hope is promoting the better environment. Dr. Liming Cai is an economist in the Office of the Actuary in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). He’s been actively involved in a broad range of efforts in the office to analyze and project the systemic impact of health policies, demographic and institutional changes affecting the Medicare and the general population.

Finally, to celebrated Chinese New Year and thanks to the old and new friends, IFCE and Holland & Knight prepared traditional Chinese food. All guests enjoyed the gathering and beautiful setting of the reception at Holland & Knight Washington DC office, a LEED certified building next to the White House. A few photos attached.

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