BOARD DIRECTORS (2017) of International Fund for China's Environment

      • Dr. Ping He, IFCE, Washington DC
      Vice Chairman
      • Richard J. ("Tad") Ferris, Partner, Foley & Lardner, LLP, Washington DC


• Li Ban, Executive Director, Shannxi Red Phoenix Volunteers Association, Xian

• Dexi Huang, Chairman of Hebei Delong Environmental Engineering Company, Ltd., Baoding

• Shanbei Jiang, Singer

• Dr. Dawn Li, President, Data and Analytic Solutions, Inc., Washington DC

• Dr. Juliet Luo, CEO, American Genetic Testing Company, Washington DC

• Dr. Zhong Ma, Dean and Professor, the School of Environment and Natural Resources, Renmin University of China, Beijing

• Nora Maccoby, Co-founder, Nature’s Partners, Washington DC

• Ningke Peng, President of Beijing T&T Energy Tech Company, Beijing

• Jeremy Schreifels, Chief of Emission and Monitoring, US Environmental Protection Agency, Washington DC 

• Chauncey Shey, Founder and Managing Partner of Softbank China Venture Capital, Shanghai

• Dr. Yongjian Sun, Chairman of Nanjing Frontier Environmental Tech Company, Ltd., Nanjing

• Dr. Tao Wang, Dean of Northwestern Resources and Environmental Research Academy, Chinese Academy of Science, Lanzhou

            • Dr. Ming Yang, Senior Climate Specialist, Global    Environmental Facility, Washington DC

            • Xin Yao, Chairman of China Sciences Mapuniverse Tech Company, Ltd., Beijing

            • Dr. Michael Zhao,China Director of International Institute for Sustainable            Development, Beijing

            • Xiuying Zhao, General Manager,  Beijing Huanxia Yuan jie Water Tech Company,      Ltd., Beijing                                                                                                                                    • Dr. Ping Zhuang, Managing Director, Easen International Environmental     Technology Engineering Company, Ltd., Shanghai

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